Gentle TouchTM Reflexology

Gentle TouchTM Reflexology is a subtle but exceptionally effective technique of massaging the feet and hands according to their reflex points. This facilitates and supports the body's uniquely individual healing process. Due to its exceptionally gentle nature it is wonderfully relaxing, but also resonates with each person on many levels.

Originally with a healing arts background, Sue Ricks developed Gentle TouchTM Reflexology in the early nineties after her own experiences of more traditional forms. Although her first encounters with reflexology were of a firmer touch, she believed that the art of reflexology had huge potential. Fundamentally, she felt that the lighter the touch, the more deeply and profound the benefits were. This belief is clearly evident in her teaching and continued work and reseach into Gentle TouchTM Reflexology.

Lifestyles have changed signficantly over the last few centuries. We now have soft carpets on our floors, wear supportive shoes and even slippers rather than walking barefoot or on hard tiles. Therefore it is no wonder that a more gentle form of reflexology should encourage greater benefits in this day and age. Furthermore, every person is different and has varying needs. Gentle TouchTM Reflexology provides more scope for the individual to go on a unique healing journey.

Differences with Traditional Reflexology

Traditional reflexologists tend to use a firmer pressure than in Gentle TouchTM Reflexology. In the past it was not unknown for reflexologists to use elastic bands, infrared ray lamps and various medical instruments to administer pressure. However, nowadays only the hands are used.

The main differences between Gentle TouchTM Reflexology and more traditional treatments include the use of a light oil (rather than talcum powder, beeswax or bare hands), working on both feet throughout the treatment, responding to the directions of the bodily systems and using a subtle approach with the practitioner facilitating and gathering information that may assist the client's healing journey.

Gentle TouchTM Reflexology is a registered trademark belonging to Sue Ricks, used with her permission because Louisa is a licenced Gentle TouchTM practitioner.

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